Wrapped up and left to die

Wrapped up and left to die
Hazel Hope

Mount Zion, IL - Chocolate brown fur over a butterball body...the makings of a most adorable puppy.

If not for the painful gashes that mar her sweet perfection.

This gorgeous 3 month old Pit bull puppy was found yesterday.

Her beautiful body was wrapped up in two towels and a bathrobe, left inside of a plastic bin - she had been left to die.

The individual who found this precious puppy took her to a local shelter where employees recommended that she be euthanized.

Though the "shelter" had the funds to treat her numerous wounds, they were already inundated with 25 healthy puppies who were not being adopted.

They were not inclined to delegate funds towards this one broken puppy.

Her rescuer looked into the puppy's beautiful eyes and saw hope through the pain and despair; euthanasia was not an option.

What happened to this gorgeous baby to leave her in such a sorrowful state?

Nobody knows for sure, but one expert believes that she was strung up by her neck so that dogs being trained to fight could rip away at her tender flesh.

Shared about her many wounds,

Her injuries consist of open severe lacerations that are in need of being stitched, she has broken bones, the right rear leg is for sure. And is septic and full of infection. We have given her some pain medication and some antibiotics

But one veterinarian gave her more than a fifty percent chance of survival - enough hope to make her life worth fighting for.

A veterinarian has agreed to take this sweet soul in. The puppy is being called Hazel Hope and she is currently receiving care at the Bel Air Pet Clinic in Mt. Zion, IL.

Anyone hoping to contribute to Hazel's care can do so by phoning the clinic at (217) 864-2612. Mailing address: 1215 North State Hwy. 121, Mt. Zion, IL 62549. (Be sure to reference Hazel Hope as the dog in need)

Hazel should be chasing bugs and snuggling in a comfortable lap - she should never have had to endure the torture that has been subjected to.

Please share Hazel Hope's story - let the love of those who care pour over her wounded soul.

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