Woody's new collar

Woody's new collar
Woody today

Van Nuys, CA - Six months ago, Woody was just another scruffy, little dog who waited inside of a kennel run at a crowded shelter.

Woody was dirty and sickly and nobody cared to call him their own.

That all changed the day that Caryn Gorzo saw his photo and decided to change both of their lives.

From Caryn and Woody today:

My name is Woody. This year was tough for me. I was once a beloved pet but somehow I ended up alone and cold on the streets. I got picked up and ended up in a shelter. I was terrified. People come and look at you but then send you back. I would hear them say look at how he shakes..he is sick. I was so scared. Some of my new friends would walk away with a man who smelled funny and never come back.

A man showed up one day and he carried me out to the playroom I did my best to look cute but I was not feeling well. I was so very scared. A lady came in and told the man I don’t care if he is sick he is not going to die here alone. They took me for a long ride in the car. I barely moved I did not know where we were going. When we stopped they got me out and put a collar on me......A COLLAR - does that mean I am home??? They put a leash on me and we went for a walk. I was starting to feel better. They brought me in and gave some food and water. Then they showed me a doggie bed with a toy in it. Was that for me?? I could not believe it. Is this my new home?
They took me to meet their vet, they took me to meet their groomer. They cleaned me up so nice. They introduced me to their other dog Dash. We became good friends right away.
I get to go on walks everyday. I get to go for car rides. I have food and water. I have a yard, a house and a warm bed. But more important than all that is my new family gave me a collar. They have my name on it and their name too. I know I am in my furrever home. and that I am one lucky dog.
This will be my first Christmas with them and my wish is that everyone remember that we all need a second chance sometimes. Visit your local shelter and see what great pets are there.
I was once a shelter pet but now I have a collar.

Read Woody's original plea at this link.

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