Woman arrested in Missouri puppy dragging case

There has been a break in the St. Louis, Mo. puppy-dragging case.

Woman arrested in Missouri puppy dragging case
Arrest in puppy dragging case

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Woman arrested in Missouri puppy dragging case
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According to Friday's Kansas City Star, the ex-wife of the man whose truck dragged the puppy, since named "Trooper," nearly to death back on Nov. 20, has been arrested.

The five-month-old pit bull mix puppy was dragged for over a mile behind Victor Washington's truck. Another driver alerted Washington to the horror which was happening behind his vehicle.

It turns out that Trooper is actually the puppy that Washington gave to his ex-wife's daughter several months ago.

Authorities believe that the woman had her 13-year-old son tie Trooper to the back of Washington's truck because she did not want the puppy anymore.

According to KSDK News, Washington put two and two together after seeing the injured puppy on the news and thinking that he looked similar to the puppy he had given away months before.

Washington voiced his concerns to investigators, who looked at surveillance video which showed the ex-wife's vehicle pulling up to Washington's truck, and her 13-year-old son tying the puppy to the hitch.

The woman, 41-year-old Benetta Johnson, has been arrested on suspicion of felony animal abuse. It has not yet been determined if Johnson intended to cause harm to the puppy.

Trooper continues to recover from the horrific injuries sustained in the dragging. He is under the care of the Humane Society of Missouri.

Follow Trooper's progress at this link to his Facebook fan page.

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