Why must we license our cats?

Why must we license our cats?

I am a licensed cat

Municipal law in Spokane necessitates that all felines over the age of four months be licensed as a rabies control measure. Making certain your cat has his/her current license attached to his/her collar is your best insurance of having your cat returned to you in case he/she wanders off and gets lost as well. The cat license also lets whoever finds him/her to know if your cat is currently vaccinated against rabies. The money received from feline license fees helps the department continue to supply quality animal care and control services 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.

The annual license cost for an altered cat is $15.00 if your cat is spayed or neutered, $25 if not. .

Residents must include the current rabies certificate, proof of spay and neuter to make the license up to date. The license will be viewed as temporary status until all documents are received.

Currently, any state licensed veterinarian may give your cat an examination and rabies vaccination.

Cats can be spayed or neutered at any veterinary clinic or at Spokanimals, PetSavers or Spokane’s Humane Society. Vouchers are available for discount rates for those who can’t afford standard rates...

Strictly indoor cats too need to be licensed as well as those who are micro chipped.

If your cat refuses to wear a collar remember, services will recognize a microchip in-lieu of a collar and license tag. When a feline ends up at shelter he/she will be scanned it for a microchip. Just be sure to keep your details current so you will get your cat back.

Rabies is real and cats can carry the rabies virus. All cats need to be licensed and have their rabies shots. All vaccinations have their own set of risks. The public health connotation of rabies far outweighs the extremely low risk of a sarcoma developing at a vaccination site. Be a responsible cat owner, obey the laws and have a good life with your cat.