Why do some people do it?

Why do some people do it?

This kitty has a second chance thanks to its kind rescuers!

Animal abuse is pathetically sad and is horrific to witness. Anyone involved in animal rescue can tell you that. Some really bad cases cross their threshold and they have to decide whether or not the animal can even be healed to some point of normalcy; the decisions are sometimes heart wrenching!

One cat case not long ago in the fall of 2013 and was handled by an organization called Animals Can’t Talk Rescue & Adoption. The feline’s name was Comet and she was in bad shape when she arrived in her cat carrier that was found by the side of a road presumably where it had been tossed from a speeding vehicle.

The poor cat had been blinded by the blunt force trauma that she suffered in the incident while also suffering from a broken leg from the past that had never healed correctly. The leg was most likely due to previous neglect suffered at the hands of her owners (notice the word owners instead of family – there is a certain difference in abuse instances such as this one!).

Thankfully Animals Can’t Talk took the time and administered the proper care with plenty of love to Comet and she is slowly recovering. The cat wears a brace on her leg to help heal the past trauma and the veterinarian that treated her believes that with more time and care that her eyesight could even return one day. She may even be able to be adopted.

Many animals would not know how to love after having had suffered such a rough life before, but there are some animals that are so grateful to the saviors that rescue them that they have nothing but love and affection to give. Comet happened to be one of those types of animals.

The American Humane Association (AHA) was built on the fact that they felt all animals deserve to be treated well, with love and affection. From the very beginning, the organization has made constant effort to eliminate animal (and child!) abuse.

They have a special grant that they issue from their Second Chance® Fund that they issue to wonderful rescue organizations like the Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption organization. They want to specially acknowledge the great work that they do by bringing in abused and neglected animals like Comet; seeing to it that they get the care and concern necessary to help them heal. The AHA reimburses them to help offset the cost of the medical expenses incurred by the animals in such desperate situations; giving them the second chance that they deserve.

If you get an opportunity to see the other great work that both Animal Can’t Talk and the AHA do, check them out today. You will be impressed by their constant service and their open hearts that reach animals in need.