Who says you can't buy love - annual shelter pet adoption special

The holidays have passed and the cold weather seems to be sticking around a bit longer. It is time to find that special love to snuggle with and keep you warm. There is nothing like the love of a shelter dog. They are just sitting there waiting for the special forever home where someone will just love them for who they are.

They may not be the ideal of that specific breed we all imagine, but there is intelligence and hope that shines behind the eyes of those that are looking for that perfect home. They don't expect perfection, they don't care how you look, if it's a bad hair day, if you're not the best cook...they just want your love and will give it back unconditionally.

Guilford County Animal Shelter located on Wendover Avenue in Greensboro (right off I-40/85) announced it is time for the annual "Who says you can't buy love" adoption event.. This is running from Saturday, February 12 at 12:00pm - February 19 at 6:00pm. Spin the Big Adoption Special Wheel For Savings On Adopting Your "Next Best Friend" And Finding Love This Valentine's Day Week.

Adoption fees will range anywhere from $20-$48! - *The Puppies Form The Teaser Trailer Will Be Available For Adoption!*

So rush out there before that special dog/puppy is gone and start enjoying the love of a special new friend. So many never walk out the doors of shelters, as they have no home to go. Let them walk free into the sunlight into the new life they deserve.

Further Info:

The Guilford County Animal Shelter, 4525 W. Wendover Avenue, Greensboro, NC

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