What is needed to complete a pet adoption application at the Columbus Pet Expo?

What is needed to complete a pet adoption application at the Columbus Pet Expo?

What is needed to complete a pet adoption application at the Columbus Pet Expo?

Max, a foxhound mix puppy adopted from local shelter.
(photo: Angela Thompson)

Planning to complete a pet adoption application at the Columbus Pet Expo—or with a local Franklin County pet rescue group? If this is your first time adopting a pet from a rescue group or shelter, you may be surprised by some of the application requirements. If you have researched and met with a number of groups and have found the new furry friend that you believe will be your ideal pet, these tips will help you be prepared to complete your pre-screening pet adoption application.

You Must Provide the Basics. Expect to provide some personal information on the pet adoption application. Full names, addresses, telephone numbers, employment details, email addresses—even drivers license numbers are generally required as the group runs some basic background checks on applicants. Failing to complete required information may delay or void your application. Rescue groups seek to place animals in the best home environment possible—you’ll need to offer evidence that you can provide that.

Be Prepared to Provide Information on Current Pets. Expect to provide age, breed, and health information for any animal currently living in your home. You will need to provide your current veterinarian contact information—and often proof of vaccinations and details of last veterinarian checkups for current pets. You may even be asked more subjective questions such as your views on sterilization, your reasons for seeking to add another pet to your home, details about the loss of previous pets, or any experience with the breed you hope to adopt.

Anticipate a Home Evaluation. You will be asked questions about your home ownership status. If you are renting, you may be required to provide proof that pets are permitted by your landlord—or to provide lease agreements to show that you will be in that residence for a set amount of time. Expect to provide dimensions of fenced enclosures, backyards and of the residence in general. If you are an apartment dweller, you may be asked how you plan to meet the pet’s exercise and socialization needs.

Who will be Supervising the New Pet?
Be prepared to provide some details on the daily home life that an adopted pet can expect. Will someone be home to offer socialization and exercise—or can the pet expect to be confined to a crate or the home for hours? Depending on the breed—these factors may not exclude you from adopting, but can certainly suggest that you rethink your choice should you be seeking a high energy, social pet while you can only offer limited time to its care.

Be Honest. Rescue groups do check out the provided information. If your pets have not visited your family veterinarian in 6 years—expect that to be uncovered during the application review process. If you claim to have a fenced yard when you do not—that will be quite obvious during the home visit. Be honest—your situation may still be more than suitable for certain animals.

Why does Having Small Children Matter? Some groups, depending on the animal breed and temperament, refuse to adopt out an animal to a home with small children. There are reasons for this—and you should understand the importance of these limits when you complete the application. Either the group feels that the situation would be unsafe for your family—or not in the best interest of a needy adoptive pet.

Be prepared to Exhibit an Understanding of Pet Needs. Do you understand how costly veterinarian expenses can be? Who will care for the pet when you are on vacation or out of town? What will your pet eat? Where will your pet sleep? Do you understand local pet laws?

Will you Consent to a Home Visit? Pet rescue groups often conduct a prescreening home visit—as well as followup visits to ensure that the living arrangement is working well for everyone involved.

Applications will vary widely depending on the group. If you have a specific rescue group in mind, check the group out online beforehand to learn how much detail the adoption application contains. Pre-screening adoption applications are available online from many local rescue groups who will be attending the Columbus Pet Expo, including the Columbus Cocker Rescue, Hand Me Down Dobe, Inc., Second Chance Dalmatian Rescue.

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