West side veterinary clinic boasts new mural

West side veterinary clinic boasts new mural
The apprentice artists ready to begin work on the mural

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If you've driven past the Covedale Pet Hospital this summer you've probably noticed a big change in the clinic's exterior. The pet hospital, which moved to the old Blue Note building at 4518 West Eighth St. in January, 2012, is now the proud home of the Artworks West Price Hill Mural.

West side veterinary clinic boasts new mural
West Price Hill Mural at Covedale Pet HospitalJulie Flanders

According to office manager Kris Sieja, Covedale owners Dr. William Obert and Dr. Melinda Kettering attended community meetings set up to determine the best location for the mural earlier this year. While the mural was designed to represent the entire West Price Hill neighborhood and was not intended to be specific to the hospital, Covedale was chosen as the ideal location for the mural thanks to the large empty wall that faced the clinic's new parking lot. The timing of Covedale's move to its new home and the creation of the mural turned out to be fortuitous.

In order to continue to involve the neighborhood in the development of the project, artist Jamie Schorsch met with community members for brainstorming sessions before she began to design the mural. As a result of ideas generated from these sessions, Schorsch created the mural to emphasize the natural and historical progression of the West Price Hill region. The art is intended to show the passage of time in the neighborhood, including the settlement of Native Americans in the area and the development of the neighborhood as an oasis for downtown residents who wanted to escape from the crowds and industry of the city in the early decades of the 20th century.

In addition, Schorsch designed the mural to showcase West Price Hill's rich architectural history, referencing both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. Foliage and fauna native to the region are also represented, as are animals that are indigenous to the area and present in the neighborhood. In a nod to the mural's home, a dog and cat peer out from the mural and welcome the veterinary clinic's patients to the office.

Schorsch and her team of apprentice artists began painting the mural at the beginning of July and worked through the summer heat to finish by the end of the month. The mural was completed on July 31.

A Colerain resident and Oak Hills High School art teacher, Schorsch states that she has family all around the Western Hills area and was therefore thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the West Price Hill mural. As she puts it, "I've been teaching at Oak Hills for the past 7 years, and one of my goals while working there has always been to bring more art into the community."

Anyone who drives down West Eighth St. and sees the West Price Hill Mural will have no doubt that Schorsch has met her goal.

To learn more about the mural visit the West Price Hill Mural Facebook page or the mural blog.

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