Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

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Near I-35 and Parmer is an incredible multi-use park with an abundance of off-leash trails for hiking and biking with your canine companion. The trails in the wilderness area are not paved, some would even be classified as rugged. The nice thing about Walnut Creek is there is a difficulty level for almost anyone.

Several creeks run through the park and can be a little tricky to navigate during the wet season. For the most part, they are shallow with areas of deeper pools. You can find streams cutting through steep rocky bluffs or wooded brooks that trickly lyrically over smooth stones. Dogs who love the water will love this park. They can freely romp and play, explore a variety of new "sniffs" and meet lots of well-mannered friends along the way.

It's a nice destination in the spring when the bluebonnets are blooming, if you enjoy photography. One word of caution ... this park enjoys heavy usage by mountain bikers on the weekends. If your dog likes to chase anything with wheels, you may want to keep him leashed. The trails switch back in confusing patterns at times, so a GPS can be a welcome tool.

The park also boasts a sports complex including softball fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and large fields that are sometimes used for cricket. There is playgrounds for the kiddies, as well.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is located at 1101 Walnut Creek Park Road, Austin, TX. From I-35, take the Parmer exit. There are two entrances to the park. One is on Lamar Blvd., north of Braker Lane. The other is from Willow Wild Drive, a residential street that connects with Parmer.

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