USMC Afghanistan veteran looking for his former K-9 partner Spatz

USMC Afghanistan veteran looking for his former K-9 partner Spatz

Tyler is searching for his former battle buddy Spatz

Tyler Cook deployed with the United States Marine Corp 3/9 to Marjah, Afghanistan, along with his contract dog Spatz. Tyler had gotten Spatz from AK9I in Hartsville, SC.

Tyler and Spatz had a rough deployment, being directly involved in two IED blasts. Tyler lost touch with Spatz when the contract was sold to K2. All Tyler really knows is that Spatz went to California at some point.

Now Tyler would like to reunite with his former battle buddy, but he's going to need a lot of help in finding her. Spatz could be in California, or she may even be back in Afghanistan. Tyler has very little to go on except this photo showing the two of them together.

Although we don't have a number on Spatz, this is an unusual name for a dog, so perhaps someone out there remembers her.

Please share this article and photo with your military friends, in hopes of reuniting Tyler and Spatz. Social media networking has led to many military working dog handlers reuniting with their former K-9 partners. Lets's make that happen for Tyler and Spatz.

If you have any information on Spatz, either contact the Facebook Boots & Collars page, or contact Tyler directly.

Are you looking for a former K-9 battle buddy? If so, please contact [email protected] with information and a photo.