Urgent, is there hope for the dogs in this rural Kentucky shelter?

Urgent, is there hope for the dogs in this rural Kentucky shelter?
Ellie May

Owensboro, KY - Not all kill shelters want to be. Despite the labels slapped upon the animal shelters that euthanize - the "not rescue friendly", "high kill", "unfriendly" labels, there are those that are simply trying their best, but their best is not good enough to prevent the inevitable deaths.

Marisa Blades, the coordinator for the Daviess County Animal Control, is reaching out for help. The shelter is in desperate need of assistance or more killing will happen, and it will happen soon.

The shelter has just 46 kennels at the facility - right now, there are 65 dogs in their care. This small, rural shelter takes in an incredible 5500 animals a year - over 450 animals each month.....space is an ever-present issue and the people that surrender their pets to the facility seem not to care that they are essentially handing them a death sentence.

According to Blades,

We are trying so hard to help these animals stay alive. There is nothing worse than walking a dog for whom we have grown attached and have cared for months for, and for those that we have brought back from the brink of death due to human negligence, down the hall to his or her death. Or walking through the droves of cats who want so badly want to roam free, picking which ones will die including mommies and babies who have just begun their young lives, in order to make room for the many we get in each day.

The Daviess County Animal Control is rescue friendly - they try their hardest to move the animals in their care to rescues or other facilities, but it is never quite enough. Surrounding rescues are full. The economy is down and so are adoptions.

The reasons are many - the end result is the same. Dogs (and many cats) are dying through no fault of their own. These aren't bad dogs - just bad circumstances.

These animals have been failed by owners that didn't care. They have been failed by a society that doesn't place a high enough value on their life. We, as dog lovers, know that these lives are worth saving.

We know that dogs are not things, but unfortunately, there are too many individuals that look at these little souls as objects - if they die, they die....no harm, no foul.

Daviess County Animal Control needs help. Please circulate this article far and wide. Help this information reach rescues, fosters and adopters in every portion of the nation. Give these little souls the helping hand that they need in order to have the life that they deserve.

Several photos have been included in the slideshow - these are but a few of the dogs labeled "urgent" at the shelter. Their time is limited. This shelter is reaching out for help. Please help them, help the dogs that are in their care.

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