Tips on how to have a pet-safe holiday Christmas tree

The holiday season brings about joy, stress and anxiety as you prepare with decorations, gifts and family gatherings. One of the most festive decorations is the family Christmas tree. When it comes to the curious, inquisitive pets around the home, it is important to consider taking safety precautions. Thousands of tree-related pet injuries occur every year and it cannot be stressed enough the importance of pet safety during the Christmas holidays. The last thing you want to do in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle is to spend unnecessary time at your local Rockford-area veterinarian’s office as listed below or one closest to your home. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Tips on how to have a pet-safe holiday Christmas tree

Christmas is for the pets and family! Merry Christmas to you!!

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Without taking precautions regarding the pets around the Christmas tree, so many things can happen, from the tree tumbling down onto your precious and curious pet, dogs and cats chewing on the pine needles, whether real or fake, nibbling on electrical cords and playing with fragile and toxic Christmas ornaments. Following are some steps you can take to pet-proof your Christmas tree for a safer holiday season:

  • Secure the Christmas tree so that a curious and playful pet or two may not cause the tree to tumble, possibly on top of the pet, causing injury. This will also prevent spillage of water from a real tree. You can’t stop the pets from being happy and playful by chasing each other, their tails, or any other pet antics. Prepare the area for your tree, dependent upon whether you have a real or artificial tree. A tree bag should be placed under the tree before setting it up to make disposal much easier. Place the tree in an area free from excess traffic and near an electrical cord so that the excess cords will not be visible.
  • After placing lights on the tree, secure the cords out of sight from those curious pet eyes. Have no cords visibly draping from the bottom of the tree and tie up or tape the excess cords along your baseboard away from the playful pets.
  • Avoid the usage of tinsel as this sparkly decoration always attracts some dogs but especially the playful and curious kitty. The pet likes to play with that tinsel and usually will end up swallowing it, causing obstruction in the digestive tract.
  • Refrain from using Christmas ornament hooks as they can cause harm to the pet if playing with this sharp object or worse, swallowing one. Use alternative methods to hang ornaments such as twine or ribbon.
  • Any ornament can be hazardous to a curious and playful pet although wooden and plastic ones can be safer. Glass ornaments can cause harm to pets if broken or chewed on. Keep the more fragile ornaments away from lower limbs of the tree and avoid food treats on the tree which is very appealing to pets.
  • Be cautious of ribbons and bows when wrapping presents. They too can cause obstruction in the digestive tract. When it comes to presents, be sure you do not place anything edible under the tree. Even if wrapped, a pet has a great sniffer and can tug at that gift for hours to find that dangerous and toxic edible gift. Pets are amused, even with the non-edible gifts with the frilly ribbons. Place gifts under the tree last minute if possible and be sure those pets are monitored at all times.
  • Keep the real tree watered well, refraining from putting preservatives in the water. Pets do like to drink from that water source. Keep the area covered with a tree skirt. Monitor the area and sweep often to remove pine needles.

There are many precautions to consider when having pets. Although this is the busiest of seasons, you do want the holidays to be safe, happy and healthy for all.

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