This week in parrot news: Thanksgiving editon

This week in parrot news: Thanksgiving editon

Gal with Amazon

- PHOTO CAPTION: If dog is man's best friend, is parrot woman's best friend?

- Jane Goodall assists release of confiscated black market African grey parrots back to the wild; Pres. Obama comments on illegal wildlife trade: (Article continues; scroll down.) Statement by Ms. Goodall: -- More on African grey conservation efforts:

- Parrot music playlist: Andy Cush writes: "British scientists took it upon themselves to see whether parrots have individual, unique tastes in music. Researchers placed two birds–Leo and Shango–in a cage with a touchscreen device; one button triggered a Scissor Sisters track, the other prompted soothing tunes from Vangelis. Over a period of a month, Leo consistently jammed the Sisters, while Shango preferred Vangelis. In a larger study, many parrots danced happily along to to rock and folk, but all disdained the Chemical Brothers and Prodigy tracks the researchers listened to personally. The researchers concluded that birds just don’t like electronic dance music, but this little guy begs to differ." Watch [email protected]:// -- A certain American cockatoo, who got the Snowball rolling on the whole parrot dancing concept; has a varied taste in music including Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, the Backstreet Boys, Pink, Mumford and Sons, Gangnam style and German polka; as reported by this "Parrot's beak" editor in the 6/13 "Pet Gazette". On the other hand, as Snowball's handler Irena Schulz explains, "He does not dance to rap. Because the talk spoken in rap can often be arrythmic (no distinct 4/4 beat) we speculate that the ryhtm is not defined clearly enough for him to analzye."

- Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger poses with a parrot for a photo appearing in the 11/18 "Boston Herald". In Quincy, MA the Thomas Crane Library children's section features a white budgie named Whitey- named after you know who. The librarians sometimes place a Red Sox cap atop the cage.

- Parrot is Three Stooges' turkey dinner mystery guest:

- If you haven't seen "Parrot Confidential", knocked as having a one sided anti-parrot ownership slant by some, you can judge for yourself by viewing it at or purchasing it as a DVD for $17.99 at -- American Federation for Aviculture, highly critical of the program; issued this statement: -- And in this rather lengthy blog, the writer makes the point that issues are not always black and white. -- And similarly; - Why can't we aviculturists all get along?: asks blogger:

- Thanksgiving parrot safety tips:

- Glascow, Scotland police were called out to deal with a noise complaint. Officers were a little taken aback when they were confronted by Pepe, a yellow headed Amazon. Pepe used to live in a taxicab depot and continues to screech out taxi bookings on a regular basis as well as some 'industrial language'. Embarrassed owner John McAlinden, a retired shipyard worker, said: "He mainly shouts out bookings, like 'taxi for Govan' and 'taxi for Lidl'". McAlinden also owns two budgies and a dwarf macaw. He was given advice and no further action was taken. A local officer tweeting for Strathclyde Police’s Govan Twitter account wrote: "You see all sorts in this line of work. My favorite call this week though."

- Thanksgiving style enrichment tips for parrots:

- Pscittacine cinema: Hold the turkey; these parrots prefer the clay lick: -- Talking red fronted macaw, Backyard galah cam: -- Will the REAL cockatoo please stand up? -- Wild macaws of Brazil: -- Wish they all could be California birds. Amazons and conures living the feral life in California. -- Here's Marnie the ring neck parakeet playing peekaboo with a mnirror.

- The red vented cockatoo aka Philippine cockatoo or kalangay, is a critically endangered species endemic to the Philippines. It is roughly the size and shape of the Tanimbar corella, but is easily distinguished by the red feathers around the vent. Populations have decreased dramatically due to illegal trapping for the cage bird trade

- It's a tragedy, not a zoo, says Karen Windsor of Foster Parrots New England.

- Thanksgiving (or any time) dinner ideas for parrots: -- If I were king of the forage.....

- Misnomer?: The Dutch air force includes a General Dynamics made Fokker F16 Fighting Falcon - with an African grey parrot depicted on the tail.

- Trivia: 1994's live action film "The Flinstones" featured the dictabird; kind of a parrot-dactyl, voiced by Harvey Korman. There's even a toy "action figure" of John Goodman's Fred holding the bird.

- Bird expert roundtable: How to make it longer -Companion bird longetivity (What were you thinking that title meant?): -- Oh, behave: 10 parrot behavior facts, via Susan Friedman. -- Avian veterinarian article:

- "Mom and daughter were carrying on a calm conversation while one of our macaws looked right at me and told us to be quiet! Then I realized that the canary was singing his heart out. Apparently our conversation was distracting and it irritated him enough to let us know. We stopped talking and they all listened to the canary," reports Concetta Ferragamo.

- Yeah, we hate that the Christmas push starts earlier and earlier every year, but we'll make an exception for Scooby the African grey singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

- Clubbin': The two Connecticut parrot clubs have holiday parties coming up; see more in next week's "beak")-- NH based Parrot Society Of New England goes on winter hiatus, but plans are in the works for a spring workshop on understanding the body.language of rehomed and adopted birds- a hot topic given the uproar over "Parrot Confidential". Live birds will be featured. -- Meanwhile. across the "pond": Woodie's Wings Owl and Parrot Rescue will be at: Coalville Indoor Market on 11/30 and at Sunnyside Garden Centre, the home of Midland Parrots on 12/14.

- Speaking of Britain, Barbara Heidenreich conducts a Parrot Training Workshop near London on 11/23. More info and registration here.

- Showtime: 11/22- 24: Meadowlands Pet Expo - Meadowlands Expo Center, 355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ - Fri 4- 8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5 - 800-677-4677 [email protected] -- 11/30: Garden State Bird Association 9th Annual Bird Show (Canary and Finch) -Portuguese Instructive Social Club, 417 US Highway 1, Elizabeth, NJ - 9- 4 - 908-577-0129 - [email protected]

- Rescue me: Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue in RI is being evicted and may have to shut down. They are having a fundraiser on 12/1: Links for donations and info and check out the video:. -- "Temporary Home", a video. -- Rescue parrots enjoy their new flower garden: -- You can be a Secret Santa for a rescue parrot in Feathered Sanctuary. -- Michgan parrots need help. -- A pair of cockatiels are available for adoption from the MSPCA facility in Methuen, MA. They need to be kept together! a parakeet is also ready for a "forever" home.

- Weymouth, MA seems to be a hot spot for lost budgies lately. A green parakeet was found at the Hamilton School and brought to the Wildlife Center on Columbian Street. A blue and white parakeet is on the loose in North Weymouth- has been lucky enough to feed at various neighborhood bird feeders, but not likely to survive very long in cold weather. -- Meanwhile, a red rumped parakeet was FOUND in Hempstead, NY.

- Readin' material: We have no idea what this "what the fox says" thing is, but we do know Arielle the blue and gold macaw can talk for real, as shown in "Another Kind of Mind" by Mike Dalton. Sally Blanchard's online "Companion Parrot" Issue #81 contains information about parrot health and the reasons for the death of companion parrots with some information from the Companion Parrot Death Survey. If you are a current subscriber and haven't received it, subscribe or renew at: -- Karen Wingrove's latest "Winged Things" newsletter is out. To subscribe, go to [email protected]

-Happy Thanksgiving, readers and please; don't get the turkey mixed up with the parrot!

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