The St. Clair Beach, Ontario Pet Valu®, a local treasure

The St. Clair Beach, Ontario Pet Valu®, a local treasure
Pet Valu®, Ontario prides itself in the sale of higher end pet foods

Andy is an individual vested in the wellness of animals and truly believes in a healthy diet for pets. In fact, Andy has been a Pet Valu® Franchise owner for the past 18 years and independently operated his own store, locally, for 11 years. Andy’s store is located within the St. Clair Beach Shopping Centre, 13596 Tecumseh Road East, St. Clair Beach, Ontario. For your convenience, a link to the Pet Valu® locations in Ontario has been attached: Andy's store can be located via the "St. Clair Beach" link. His store is also conveniently located next to Zehrs grocery store.

For those of you not familiar with Pet Valu®, Pet Valu® prides itself in the sale of higher end pet foods including its’ own line, Performatrin® and PERFORMATRIN ULTRA®, “Dog & Cat Foods that embrace holistic nutrition, focusing on functional, whole foods . . .” “. . . that are all nutritionally advanced.”

The company has a longstanding credible history. As a pet owner, herself, your Examiner understands how important it is that a pet’s diet is well-balanced and that proper care is first and foremost. Thus, she has taken the opportunity to disclose a history of the company as well for your perusal:

“The first PET VALU store was opened in Scarborough, Ontario in 1976. By 1977, there were three stores in the Toronto area. Ten years later, the company had over 75 locations and began to franchise existing stores. In 1995, the company opened its first U.S. store in Bowie, Maryland.

Pet Valu, Inc. is a specialty retailer of pet food and pet-related supplies, with stores located throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As of September 2009, it had more than 350 stores. The Canadian stores operate under the names PET VALU®, PET VALU BETTER PET NUTRITION®, PAULMAC'S PET FOOD®, BOSLEY'S, CRITTER CRAVINGS™, and BERRYS... Your PetsChoice™ and together comprise the largest retail operation in Canada dedicated to the sale of food and supplies for dogs, cats, caged birds, wild birds, fish and small animals. Pet Valu, Inc. offers over 7,000 products, including national and premium brands of pet foods, private label pet foods and pet supplies, purchased from over 200 suppliers in 11 countries.”

For our American friends, Pet Valu® now has stores located in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Jersey.

The Pet Valu® stores sell much more than just pet food, it also carries a “. . . natural dog shampoo line called Homepath™ . . .” and, as indicated above: “food and supplies for dogs, cats, caged birds, wild birds, fish [including aquarium supplies] and small animals.” – [Emphasis Added]. Andy’s store is also stocked with very warm looking sweaters for dogs for the upcoming Winter months, as well.

In sum, after visiting Andy’s individual Pet Valu® franchise it was very clear to your Examiner that he proudly upholds the standards that Pet Valu® has worked long and hard to attain: “Our philosophy is to provide pet owners with a wide selection of pet food and supply products at competitive prices, together with friendly customer service and convenience of store location. Stores typically range in size from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and are located in or near neighborhood shopping plazas. Our franchisees and staff are knowledgeable about the needs of pets. We encourage them to sharpen their expertise through informative articles and seminars.” Andy is certainly both well educated about the products he sells, and is also attune to, and equipped with, a wealth of information regarding local Veterinarian referrals, boarding facilities and veteran groomers.

It was apparent to your Examiner from the several visits to this local Pet Valu® store, that Andy is not only proud of the corporation he contributes to but has gained a thankful and loyal list of customers whose pictures of pets, your Examiner might add, are proudly displayed on a bulletin board in Andy’s store. Both Pet Valu® and Andy are very proud of their commitment to animals which is reflected in the top drawer condition of this particular franchise.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." – Author Unknown.

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