The Kathy Anderson kitty club

The Kathy Anderson kitty club

Kathy Anderson's dream of helping felines is coming true!

Cat lovers everywhere will likely want to be aware of the Kathy Anderson Kitty Club. The club’s official launch coincided with the month of June’s "Adopt-a-Cat Month®."

Anderson’s goal was to give feline aficionados an opportunity to join a club based solely on the loves of their lives. Since she was a long-time supporter of humane causes and a cat lover as well, she just wanted to see that cats everywhere will all be treated with love, dignity and kindness. This club is her exclusive way to leave a legacy. The club was formed to honor who Kathy Anderson truly was – a lover of cats, literature and arts; a club that will combine each of those loves into one place while doing good for other animals at the same time.

When you join the Kathy Anderson Kitty Club, you, too, will be a part of a very special group of cat advocates; dedicating yourself to advancing cat welfare causes. Since the group is only for cat lovers, it will give each cat family that joins an opportunity to tell their own story of love and import cat photos of their furry loved one. They can do this on the Club’s website.

There is an expectant hub of activity. Feline families will be able to learn about special cat events that are planned to take place in their specific communities. There will also be really helpful information for people considering adding a cat to their family. There will be adoption data and then information on how to integrate their new family member best into their lives.

The best thing is that the proceeds for the Kathy Anderson Kitty Club will be donated to several cat causes. The idea is to help various felines and the causes that can help the most felines. There will grants given to various shelters, grants to help felines caught up in emergency situations, and a great many other feline causes.

All Kathy Anderson wanted was for all cats to be treated well; each cat being ‘spoiled’ like her cats always were. All she did was to learn the attitude and specific like of each cat and give them a life built around those things. That is what she wanted and was willing to share with other cat lovers through a club such as what has been designed in her honor.

This Chicago native would be thrilled to see that her dreams were fulfilled! The best way cat lovers everywhere can honor this great cat lover and to have a place to call their own where they can share their specific stories, besides supporting the effort to help cats everywhere is to join the Kathy Anderson Kitty Club.