Thanksgiving pet safety

Thanksgiving pet safety
Baxter is one of many adorable animals available at the City of Chico Animal Shelter

The City of Chico Animal Services would like to share some tips for keeping your pets healthy and safe during this Thanksgiving holiday.

To minimize stress, try to keep your pet’s routine as close to normal as possible. This includes the foods your pet eats. Food that is too rich or fatty can cause problems from mild diarrhea to gastroenteritis or pancreatitis, both potentially life threatening. Pets should never be given raw foods, including eggs or turkey, which could cause food poisoning. In addition, chocolate, onions and onion powder, and grapes or raisins are all toxic to your dog or cat. Even certain spices can be toxic if enough is ingested. If possible, keep your pet out of the kitchen when preparing food to avoid them picking up food dropped on the floor.

Bones, particularly poultry bones, should never be given to your pet. They can splinter when chewed, and the sharp edges can cause internal lacerations when swallowed. Fragments can also compact in your pet’s intestines, causing blockage and requiring emergency surgery.

Things like food wrappers, aluminum foil and waxed paper can cause blockages if swallowed by your pet. Make sure these things, along with all bones and food scraps, are securely placed in the garbage and that the garbage is kept safely out of the reach of all pets.

Having holiday guests may cause stress to your pet, especially shy or territorial animals. Provide a quiet place for your pet to get away from the activity, to keep your pet from begging during dinner, and to keep guests from providing inappropriate treats. This will also keep your pet from accidentally slipping out the door with one of the guests. Make sure your pet is wearing a secure collar with an ID tag at all times just in case he or she does get loose. Consider getting your pet microchipped as an added safety measure.

If you plan on traveling with your pet this Thanksgiving, plan ahead. Make sure to bring enough of your pet’s food to avoid upset from a change in diet. Bring along some toys and safe treats, and a crate if appropriate.

With a little planning ahead and common sense, Thanksgiving can be a fun time for your entire family, pets included. From the City of Chico Animal Services, have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

The Chico Animal Shelter can be contacted at 530-894-5630 and Chico Animal Control can be contacted at 530-897-4960.