Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine


Wonderful news! Thanks to a very generous donation by friends and long-time supporters of The Tenth Life cat rescue, the Tenth Life now has enough funds to purchase a much-needed 60K digital x-ray machine.

The Tenth Life, Dayton’s largest no-kill rescue for cats, has been saving towards this purchase for several years, and had accumulated about 16K in the x-ray fund. Now, thanks to the extreme generosity of one couple, the purchase is fully funded. The Tenth Life is now researching the best digital x-ray machine to suit their needs.

If you would like to help The Tenth Life with their ongoing mission to help homeless cats, there are ways that you can help for just a few dollars or even for free! The Tenth Life has many fundraisers which are ongoing year-round. Here are a few ways that you can help The Tenth Life that cost little or no money:

For just three dollars, you can be part of The Tenth Life’s annual Three-Dollar Campaign. This is The Tenth Life’s easiest fundraiser, but it raises about $14,000 each year for the homeless cats at The Tenth Life. All you do is send The Tenth Life $3. That’s it! The rescue asks that everyone who receives The Tenth Life newsletter donate this amount, but you don’t have to be on the mailing list to donate. You can certainly sign up for the newsletter (it’s free) by going to the website and registering. Obviously, if you would like to send more money, they will gratefully accept it on behalf of the kitties.

Everyone at The Tenth Life is a volunteer, excepting their veterinarian Dr. Jennie, so the money you send will definitely go to the cats. The Tenth Life will automatically send acknowledgement letters for all donations over $20, and they will send letters for amounts less than $20 if you include a request with your donation.

Ways to help for free:

You can transfer your Speedy Rewards points to The Tenth Life! The Tenth Life was recently able to obtain two $100 VISA cards with which they were able to purchase supplies. You can transfer your points to The Tenth Life at the kiosk at any Speedway Station or online at Speedway’s website. You simply transfer your points to the following card number – 404440 098106 and The Tenth Life will be able to get more VISA gift cards for purchasing more supplies for the cats. If you have problems at the station, ask the manager for help or call their headquarters. By transferring your points to The Tenth Life, the cats will greatly benefit from your generosity, and it won’t cost you any of your own funds.

There are many more fundraisers which are ongoing, and you can check them out on The Tenth Life website. Don’t forget the upcoming lasagna dinner and auction on Sep 22; also, The Tenth Life will be at the Beavercreek Popcorn festival on Sep 7 and 8, as well as the Yellow Springs Street Fair on Oct 12.



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Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Whitney! The Tenth Life


Whitney is one of the kitties currently living at The Tenth Life and seeking a permanent home Possibly Soft Kitty's sister, Whitney is a petite, loving and very brightly colored calico cat. She is almost as sweet as her sister and gets along with everyone. She likes to play with her toys - or with others' toys if they are not paying attention.

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Madeline The Tenth Life


Madeline is now about six months old and very much a kitten. She loves to play, but will stop long enough to get some pets from whatever human happens to be near. She was abandoned as a baby and, fortunately, found her way to The Tenth Life and is waiting for her forever family.

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Chester! The Tenth Life


Chester is an orange neutered male tiger cat. He is 9 months old, he gets along with others, likes people and is very playful. He is usually the first to greet you when you enter his room and will stay close to you as long as he is getting petted

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Crystal! The Tenth Life


Crystal is a spayed tortie/tiger kitty, about 2 years old and very friendly and playful. She loves both humans and other cats, although her first choice is to spend her time with humans.

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Pretzel! The Tenth Life


Pretzel is a male that was found as a stray in East Dayton. He's about two years old and is a very attentive and affectionate cat. His hobbies are playing and meeting new people as well as looking out the window at the wildlife around his building.

Tenth Life cat rescue gets xray machine
Soft Kitty (warm kitty) The Tenth Life

Soft Kitty (warm kitty)

Soft Kitty is about 18 months old and missing half her tail. Found as a stray, she is very affectionate, gets along well with other cats, and has incredibly soft fur (thus the name). Soft Kitty is waiting to be adopted; contact The Tenth Life if you would be interested in meeting her.