Tampa horse rescue competes for Shelter Challenge prize money

Tampa horse rescue competes for Shelter Challenge prize money

Tampa animal rescue competes for Shelter Challenge prize money

The sluggish economy has put a strain on animal rescues. Not only have they seen an increase of animals in need, their ability to raise money to help those animals is not as robust as it once was. That has led many, including Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue, in Morristown, Fla., to enter contests like the Shelter Challenge.

However, the contest is not limited to Tampa area animal rescues.

Shelter Challenge is an international competition, currently being led by a Canadian organization called Langley Animal Protection Society of Aldergrove, BC, Canada. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in Saint Pauls, NC, is running a close second.

The competition is based on the number of votes each animal rescue receives, so spreading the word on social media seems to be one of the most powerful influences for winning prize money.

Shelter Challenge is sponsored by GreaterGood.org and The Animal Rescue Site. In 2014, they will award more the $100,000 in monetary and product grants to help animal rescue organizations.

To be eligible to enter the Shelter Challenge, “organizations must have a valid and current 501(c)3 or international equivalent, or be a Municipal Shelter,” according to the official rules.

Anyone interested in helping an eligible and noteworthy animal rescue win prizes for their shelter can visit http://www.shelterchallenge.com/home. In addition to casting a vote for your favorite rescue, you can share your stories on animal welfare and rescues.