Meet the dogs of Project Mistletoe

Joey is one of two young puppies rejected by pet stores, sent back the the puppy mill and rescued in time for Christmas. View all 16 photos It’s been a little over a week since the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue hit the road to rescue a van load of f

Healthy holiday options for your pets

Make treats for your pets with the easy-to-use Sunbeam Pets Gourmet Treat Maker. View all 6 photos With Christmas around the corner, there are a lot of snacking temptations for everyone. Our pets are no exception. Instead of feeding them table scraps

Fun gifts to keep your kitty purring

The Chubby Snake is a sturdier version of the popular kicker toy and a big hit with the larger Maine Coon Mixes. The cover comes off for washing. View all 10 photos Christmas is right around the corner and if you have a pet, chances are good you’ll b

Helping cats in need for National Cat Day

Scarlett loved her boxes...all the way to the end. View all 6 photos Two years ago today, we said good-bye to the cat in the box. Scarlett lived to 19 1/2 years old, outliving her littermate Rhett by more than four years. I adopted them both as kitte

Pianos for Pooches benefits Homeless Hounds

Check out the Dueling Pianos at Pianos for Pooches benefiting Homeless Hounds. If you’re looking for something a bit different to do in suburbia on Mother’s Day Weekend, head to Pianos for Pooches. Grab mom and a few friends and head out to 191 South

Getting to know your favorite dog breed 2.0

This video How do I know which breed of dog I will be compatible with? is from the series How To Know Which Breed Of Dog You Will Be Compatible With It’s a familiar problem for animal shelters and rescues, a dog breed becomes popular and people rush