Rabbits - Flea control

UltraCare was used on these two and they were with us for many years after the treatment The first and most important information about flea control in rabbits is DO NOT USE FRONTLINE Flea and Tick products. Seizures and deaths have been documented f

The Lionhead Rabbit Breed

48th Recognized American Rabbit Breed The Lionhead Rabbit breed originated in Europe and comes from a diverse and unconfirmed blood line. Some people believe the bloodline consists of Swiss Fox and Belgian Dwarf breeds where the mane was a genetic mu

Paw it Forward Las Vegas

A devoted assistant and amazing soul Nine out of ten dogs agree, Paw it Forward Las Vegas is the most anticipated event of the year (the tenth dog was distracted by a squirrel and not available for interview). On Sunday September 28th, celebrate the

Rabbits - How to prevent hairballs

Conejo's molting in preparation for winter It’s that time of year again where many of us will see massive shedding in our furry friends. As they get ready for the changes in seasons, many rabbits will shed their coat and grow a new heavier one for wi