National Veterinary Technician Week 2014

I made this video in 2012. Although it's an old video, the message is the same. Vet Tech's Rock! It is once again, National Veterinary Technician Week! 2014’s theme is “What does a Veterinary Technician Do?” We would like to celebrate all the Veterin

Midwest BunFest 2014 expands to larger venue

This lucky lady, Joy, met her forever mom at last year's BunFest! View all 9 photos On Nov 8, 2014, the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue will again proudly host the largest house rabbit festival and exposition in the Eastern United States. Having outgrown it

Separation anxiety in cats

Composure for cats View all 7 photos When many people think of separation anxiety in pets, they think of dogs. This is mostly because of the belief that cats do not bond the same way as dogs do. This of course is not true. Cats may not display their