Earth Day, a Wisconsin contributor

Several fire crews were called to the scene of a large wildfire in Fond du Lac County, Wisc., Friday. The fire burned more than 600 acres of marshland in the area of Amity Road, which runs parallel to Highway TC. Officials believe the fire started...

Happy Family. Happy Cat. Happy Planet.

Earth Month Campaign April is Earth Month. And, if you’re looking for a way to go green and still keep your cat happy, look no further than Swheat Scoops new campaign “Happy Family. Happy Cat. Happy Planet.” Throughout the month, Swheat Scoop is shar

More ways to celebrate Earth Day

The world is ridden with an abundance of e-waste, which is short for electronic waste, due to products becoming updated, broken or obsolete.So what better time is there to safely get rid of them than on Earth Day? For over 40 years, Earth Day (April

Helping San Diego cats go green

Natural Cat Celebrating Earth Day It is estimated that 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day 41 years ago. It is a tribute to our awareness and commitment to our environment that individuals and organizations worldwide are participati