Las Vegas Fox 5 News Shining Star Award

The Love Dog team accepting the award check On behalf of the Love Dogs animal therapy program and Pet Partners I was honored to be chosen Fox 5 News Shining Star for our work in the Las Vegas community. This monthly recognition of one individual is s

Why would a dog wear pajamas?

Benny was very happy to show Julian his new PJs So we could take them off of course! Pet Partners does not approve of dogs wearing clothes or costumes when working as therapy dogs, but sometimes we use clothes as part of the therapy session. I put do

Improving lives one paw at a time

Harnessing the power of the animal People often ask why we volunteer with our dogs. Many of our Love Dog team are retired, yet we still "work" many days a week. I for one volunteer six days a week and then train dogs on the seventh. While this may se

The Perfect Match: Child and Therapy Dog

The healing power of pets One of the benefits of hosting a Love Dog Story Time at the Therapy Center we partner with is to have the parents meet the Love Dogs and become familiar with having a dog as a part of the various therapies. Matchups can be m

Benny is back to work with Julian

Watching Benny "pay attention" While we just love doing events and special appearances with the Love Dogs, it is always good to get back to our ongoing work harnessing the power of the dogs to bring about a result. Today in our session with Julian I

Atlas is a Love Dog in his heart

Atlas is a Newfoundland, still a puppy. For the first year of his life he has undergone tremendous struggles, including several orthopedic surgeries on his front legs. Atlas is a gentle giant but he has undergone many procedures that have stunted his

It all begins with trust

One boy, one dog, pure joy Animal assisted therapy is not to be taken lightly. It is not just bringing dogs into an environment. It is about building trust as everything begins with trust. The clients must trust that the handler knows the dog so well

The Importance of Receiving Love

Benny receiving Juolian's love Yesterday was a very important day of therapy work for me and my two dogs. I learned something that I always knew in the back of my mind, but saw so clearly through the behavior of both Benny and Petey. There is often t

Lorsque le Perfect Match est Made

Donner Boise câlins profondes Voir les 14 photos Pour avoir un programme de thérapie assistée par animal vraiment efficace, vous devez faire attention considérable aux matchs qui sont faites. Le match parfait Le match entre gestionnaire et animale. L

4 Dogs, 800 Children, One Great Event

Every child wanted to pet Boise View all 19 photos The Love Dogs animal therapy team was invited to join PSI World as they spread holiday joy for over eight hundred students and their families at the Oran K. Gragson Elementary School in downtown Las

How to start a Love Dog partnership

Coco at the AIDSalk View all 19 photos I must get half a dozen calls a week asking if our animal therapy team can visit facilities. Everyone wants dogs around now. In response to new requests I always explain that we are a small program and want to m

First therapy visits are so important

Petey settled in the car between visits Today I took Petey on first visits to two new facilities for the Love Dogs. Since it was Christmas Day we thought the clients would especially appreciate visits so I split up our time so Petey wouldn't get too