Cat scratchers with style

Thirty-six million households in the United States alone own a cat according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Most of these cats have claws and need an outlet to polish their nails on because unfortunately cats do have a nasty habit of

Important facts about plant-eating cats

Cats are carnivores, but sometimes they seem to prefer salad. The truth is, small amounts of plants or grass is customary for cats, and as many as one in three housecats munch on vegetables on a regular basis. Your feline may just be seeking out a bi

Official Grump-O-Lantern Meets its Match

Ray Villafane poses with Grumpy Cat and his Grump-O-Lantern It's that time of year again when all things spooky and freaky come out to play and show off for the normal of the world. This is the time of year when the normal can stop acting and be them

Steering kitty safely through Halloween

Why is there nothing in here for me? Halloween should be fun and safe for all the family including kitty and, with a little advanced preparation, it can be. Halloween, with its candy, opening and closing front doors, new people, noise, decorations an

Why do cats seem to hate all other cats?

Lots of cats don't get along with each other, even if they're siblings and raised together. Most of us who have more than one cat have had to deal with the bickering, hissing, growling, and general misbehavior that comes with having more than one cat

Bonding with your kitty

We are a team There is nothing on this celestial ball like the bond between a feline and a human. The There are many ways to bond with your purring beauty, ways tried and true, ways that are both amazing and simple. For starters, we show our feline h

Separation anxiety in cats

Composure for cats View all 7 photos When many people think of separation anxiety in pets, they think of dogs. This is mostly because of the belief that cats do not bond the same way as dogs do. This of course is not true. Cats may not display their

Cat's life saved by blood from a dog

When Buttercup the cat collapsed at his home in Key West, Florida last month, a dog came to his rescue with a blood transfusion. A needy cat received a blood transfusion from an unlikely source: A dog. Specifically, Marathon Veterinary Hospital's sup

Is your pet ready for an emergency?

What supplies are recommended in a pet emergency kit for other pets? The balmy fall days are lulling all into thinking winter’s cold treachery will never arrive. But it will, and in many cases, it will blow in and cause disasters body wants. In the n