This is Big Cat Week on National Geographic

This is "Big Cat Week" on National Geographic. Pictured is a family of cheetahs, one of the big cats highlighted this week. National Geographic is once again celebrating Big Cat Week with five nights of episodes dedicated to lions, tigers, cheetahs,

Wild animals as pets

Many people admire wild animals and dream of having one as a pet. Unfortunately some movies portray a happy coexistence between humans and wild animals. If you are considering getting a wild animal as a pet, DON’T!!! wild animals as pets View all 12

Pet Lynx Bites Girlfriend In King County

Lynx in King County Right next door in King County someone was illegally keep a Lynx as a pet. If you wondered why they took the Puyallup Bengal Tiger sightings so seriously, this is why. It happens. People typically get the animal as a baby and fall

Lions Face Extinction in West Africa

Fewer than 250 adults may be left in West Africa, and those big cats are confined to less than 1 percent of their historic range. Thinkstock Thinkstock 2 of 3 Thinkstock 3 of 3 The new study, detailed in the journal PLOS ONE, suggests that without dr