Cat steals money then gives it away (videos)

Teresa Fogard and her sister Sara trained their cat Vera to fetch paper. Vera enjoyed this game so much she got in the habit of going into Teresa’s purse and bringing her receipts to crumple up. One day a few years ago, however, the clever cat worked

More cases of pets getting high

Vets are seeing more cases of animals ingesting marijuana. Some veterinarians in Scottsdale, Ariz, are asking pet owners to watch their pets carefully around marijuana lately. This is because, according to which was reported on April 12, p

Rats Make Wonderful Pets

Rat Sleeping Rats have taken a bad rap, however, they can make wonderful pets. They are very smart and cuddly creatures. Those who do have rats as pets, get very attached to them, just as they would a cat or a dog. Rats come in a variety of colors an

Star: A horse story.

Some of the most incredible experiences in my life involve horses. As a child I spent most of my time with animals. Animals tend to give unconditional love. No judgment on their part, only kindness and acceptance. Jericho and Star View all 20 photos