Older pets in shelters need forever homes too

Two cute cats taking a nap together. More than ever older pets in animal shelters need forever homes and it seems like the majority of pets in shelters are considered to be seniors because the kittens and puppies are usually the first to get adopted,

The dangers of rehoming your pet online

An adult siamese cat relaxing. One cannot ignore the number of animal cruelty headlines that are significantly increasing in numbers across the internet and evening news at rapid rates just about every other hour. Knowing that animal abuse cases are

How to help homeless cats in hot weather

Cats need to maintain a healthy body temperature Even though the "Windy City" is mostly known for bitterly cold winters with temperatures plunging well below zero, summers in Chicago can be equally uncomfortable due to the intense wet humidity and hi

Add a furry friend to your family this summer

My Pit Bull Rescue In most marriages, both people work and Craigslist is filled with many ads from people that want to re-home their pets because they don’t have time for them. For many of us, this seems like wanting to give away or sell a member of