puppy mill owner charged with abuse

puppy mill HUNTINGBURG) - Mary Burch entered into a plea agreement for the animal cruelty charges she faced after 37 dogs -- nine of which were found deceased and decayed -- were found in deplorable conditions at her 609 N. Washington Street, Hunting

National Feral Cat Day October 16th

Spread the Love to Every Cat this National Feral Cat Day® with Jackson Galaxy National Feral Cat Day is only three days away on October 16th, and although this isn't the first year, this is the first time I have heard of the event. Not hearing about

Bearded dragons- The quiet pets

Bearded dragons- The quiet pets Beardies are one of the current pet fads. Most kids would love to have one: most parents worry about having high-maintenance exotic pets and some people are utterly repelled by lizards. In fact, they are pretty well ha

Rabbits - How to prevent hairballs

Conejo's molting in preparation for winter It’s that time of year again where many of us will see massive shedding in our furry friends. As they get ready for the changes in seasons, many rabbits will shed their coat and grow a new heavier one for wi