Brace for mosquito borne diseases - EEE

Mosquitoes spread many serious diseases. View 1 photo Last year this area of central NY had to deal with EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis) which is a mosquito borne disease that affects birds, horses and people. We had a fatality and widespread

Oral disease in dalmatians

Dogs rarely get cavities, but they do get gum disease. Did you know that oral disease is the number one health problem diagnosed in dogs? Keeping your dog's teeth strong is a very important part of her overall health care. According to a study by the

Disease prevention in small pets

Exercise is important for small pet health One of the main reasons small animals make great pets is because they are easy to care for. While that doesn't mean they don't need as much attention as dogs or cats, small pets such as hamsters, guinea pets

Lyme Disease prevalence in upstate NY

Adult deer ticks are involved with Lyme Disease spread. With the new Lyme Disease test available from the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory at Cornell, upstate Ny pet owners can feel confident about the diagnosis in their pets. How much Lyme Diseas

Endocrine diseases in dogs Part 1

classic hypothyroid dog (she had no circulating hormone). Obese, with a barely visible rat tail, and bilateral ear infections The endocrine system is a series of glands which secrete hormones directly into the blood stream. There are myriad things th