Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue

Road DogTime au programme de sauvetage salue Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue, dédié à la création d'une vie meilleure pour les beagles et Beagle mélange dans le besoin. Comment votre organisation at-il commencé? Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue (TBBR) a été lancé en

Discounted Pet Vaccines

Dog receiving vaccine Even though the recession is technically over, there are still many people and families feeling the effects of a tough economy. Unemployment rates are high and money is not as easy to come by as it once was. For many pet owning

What vaccines should Pit Bull puppies get?

The examination portion of your puppy's visit to the veterinarian is just as important as getting her properly vaccinated against infectious diseases According to the American Animal Hospital Association, “Vaccines provide proven life-saving benefits