Grooming your pet German Shepherd Dog

Grooming your GSD is important The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is very brave, intelligent, strong and loyal. Just because your pet GSD does not need a haircut does not mean he doesn't need to be groomed regularly. Your pet's thick double coat sheds a l

German shepherd stabbed in San Diego, CA

Yng Male German Shepherd, not the dog from this story San Diego, CA - A 9 month old German shepherd puppy was the victim of a brutal crime in the early morning hours of this past Saturday. The pup was stabbed multiple times and left to die. So brutal

Dalmatian-German Shepherd mix

what a terrific combination A mix of two beautiful dogs, dalmatian and German shepherd, Destiny is this fella's name. He's an adult male dog, house-trained, and available for you to meet in Menands, NY. Destiny is a friendly, curious dog, great with

At risk German shepherds in need of help

Emmy with sister, Enya San Diego, CA - Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, the organization responsible for saving Daisy, the senior German shepherd, and her kennel-mate, Benny, from an over-crowded animal care facility. The organization responsible for