Rescue vs. Pet Shops

Pugsley my treasured Pug, and Sophie (Ms. Big Ears), my Jackahuahua - they rescued me. Why would someone pay hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars for a pet when there are wonderfully deserving pets waiting in shelters and rescue groups througho

Save pets while you shop this Christmas

Why not help save the lives of pets this year as you shop for those holiday gifts? Many animal rescue organizations have shops carrying unique items for both people and pets that you will not find elsewhere – certainly not in the big-box department s

Shopping For Your Pet

Pug Bug Attention Salt Lake City pet owners! Where do you shop the most for your pet? I am guessing most of you will answer “Big Chain Store Name Here”. Well do I have news for you. There are plenty of local pet boutiques right here in SLC. Well sure

Shopping pour une bonne cause

Achetez vos bulbes de printemps et d'amasser des fonds pour les chiens 2e chance. Chien de sauvetage peut être coûteux. Les dons peuvent souvent pas se propager aussi loin que les frais médicaux, ce qui nécessite de nombreux sauvetages de s'appuyer s

Shop Around for Hounds going on now!

Cutest little bunny bric a brac ever! View all 20 photos The Hearts for Hounds fundraiser is going on today and tomorrow, July 30th and 31st, 2011, at the VFW Post 9927 in Kettering. The fundraiser, Shop Around for Hounds, is a large sale of donated