The story of a Boxer named Scarlett

Scarlett, after receiving care View 1 photo Santa Monica, CA - Scarlett, beforeTake Me Home Scarlett spent most, if not all, of the first two years of her life suffering from severe mange. So badly cracked and infected was Scarlett’s skin that she ap

Breed Profile: Boxer

Boxer Boxers are a bright, energetic and playful breed and tend to be very good with children. They are active dogs and require adequate exercise to prevent boredom-associated behaviors such as chewing or digging. Boxers have earned a slight reputati

Sauvetage Boxer: L'histoire de Roxy

A sains £ 52 Roxy 8 mois après le sauvetage Sur un Kansas jour sous zéro en Janvier 2010, un sac d'os ressemblant à un chien Boxer a trouvé son chemin vers la sécurité. Un petit boxer bringé, gravement émacié s'est présenté à une ferme près de Mulvan