Mange and the American pit bull

Mr. Sweets, out of time at the shelter View 1 photo Demodectic mange is an unsitely skin disease cause by parasitic mites. According to Wikipedia, “called demodicosis or Red Mange, demodectic mange in dogs is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopula

Bloody hurt pit bull interrupts NYC protest

Protest stops to help Rosie Members of New York Animal Rights Alliance America stopped their demonstration to help a pit bull in dire need yesterday. Rosie is sweet and gentle even though hurt View 1 photo Rosie, hauled bloody and hurt into high kill

SF Gate article rages against pit bull

Charlie at San Francisco ACC...$3600 for this? San Francisco, CA: The American Pit Bull Examiner and other astute pit bull and animal advocates have followed Charlie's story over the last few months closely. In a spiteful, loathing piece, SF Gate blo

Les pit-bulls: héros ou méchant?

Molly prouve que les pit-bulls sont des chiens qui aiment s'amuser. Voir les 9 photos American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) sont la race la plus méconnue, stéréotypé et mal dans le monde. Il ya souvent confusion entre le APBT et le Staffordshire Terrier a

The undeny-a-bull truth about pit bulls

Red, a Chicago pit bull, shows off his new wheelchair after saving his owner's life in a home invasion. There's no denying that pit bulls are given a bad rap because of their strong physical appearance and reputation for fighting. The truth is, pit b