Poopy butt in rabbits

Fresh as a daisy “Poopy butt” is the scientific term for a not-uncommon problem affecting pet bunnies. Rabbits have two different kinds of feces: the hard dry pellets that they deposit into their litter box, and cecotropes, the soft, wetter stool gen

Before you adopt a pet rabbit...

Are you lookin' at me? View all 4 photos Adoptable, yes, but I'm too cute for you If you are considering a pet rabbit, here are a few concerns and suggestions for you to mull over: Do the research Do you know what rabbits require for optimum health a

Rabbit dental health - an overview

Did you want to see MY incisors? If you have pet rabbits, you probably know that a good rabbit keeper must always be concerned with their teeth (the rabbit’s that is) because the condition of their teeth very much affects their overall health. Here a

Help! I've found a baby rabbit!

Rabbit mothers only tend to their babies once or twice daily. In the summer, cottontail rabbits have babies. Though not common in south Florida, Eastern cottontails (Sylvilagus floridanus) do occur in all of mainland Florida, and the marsh rabbit (Sy

Let's All Go To The Rabbit Show!

ARBA Judges Roger Fitchorn and John Keenan..Can you guess the exhibitors? Calumet Rabbit Breeders, Inc will be having their First Annual Rabbit Show Sunday June 26, 2010 located at the Starke County Fairgrounds in Hamlet, Indiana. Rabbit shows provid

Big Valley Rabbit Show September 18th

A beautiful Tan waits to compete to be Best in Show (BIS) Get ready for the Big Valley Rabbit Show – a double open and youth rabbit show with specialty shows for Jersey Woolies, American Sables, and Angoras. You can join the fun in the beef barns at

Alfalfa and Your Rabbit

Alfalfa identification Alfalfa is a flowering plant in the pea family that contains stems, leaves, and flowers and is loved by rabbits. The alfalfa plant has a flowering head at the top of a stalk stem that consists of multiple flowers of various sha

Adopt a Rabbit Month begins today

Rudy, waiting at AWLA for a new loving family February begins today, a month typically associated with Groundhog Day, the day when the little rodent predicts how much winter to expect. In the world of veterinary medicine, February is Dental Health Mo

1st ARBA judged rabbit show in Singapore

Ever wonder where a hobby may take you? Facebook posting, January 18th, 2011 Kids in High School used to laugh because I raised and showed rabbits instead of what other normal kids did. For fifteen years, my hobby has had a significant impact on my l

Mean Rabbit? You Can Change That

Patch was a lunger, this process helped him What makes a rabbit mean? Domestic rabbits are generally a very docile animal. They are not born mean; they develop the trait. This could be due to a number of different factors. Not all bunnies will develo