Puppy survives being thrown from window

Wyatt Houston, TX - On July 5, supporters of a puppy named Wyatt, intend to descend on the Harris County Criminal Justice Center to be his voice - to beg for justice for cruelty that he suffered at the hands of a woman named Nidra F. Billard. Billard

Pit bull puppy stops veteran from suicide

Sharpe and Cheyenne We hear the stories all of the time about how animals save their guardians. Cheyenne is one special pit bull puppy, however. She literally stopped her guardian from pulling the trigger when he had his gun in his mouth, ready to ki

Puppies bagged and thrown into landfill

Puppies thrown away King George County, VA - With zero regard for the suffering they would cause, someone bagged up newborn puppies and discarded them at a county landfill on Tuesday. An employee at the Sealston Landfill heard whimpers on Tuesday eve