Poopy butt in rabbits

Fresh as a daisy “Poopy butt” is the scientific term for a not-uncommon problem affecting pet bunnies. Rabbits have two different kinds of feces: the hard dry pellets that they deposit into their litter box, and cecotropes, the soft, wetter stool gen

Rabbits-Netherland Dwarfs

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits The number of rabbit breeds is seemingly endless. You as a prospective bunny owner have to decide how much care and grooming you’re wiling to provide. Don’t adopt an Angora unless prepared for daily intensive grooming for ten

Selling Rabbits???? (Part 1)

Netherland Dwarf bunny Located in Plymouth, Indiana we have been selling rabbits for many years. The times have changed a bit and today we hesitate to just hang a sign out on the road advertising rabbits for sale. There are breeders that still do jus

Arthritis in Rabbits

Shadow (the black bunny) tries to ease the arthritis in his back Arthritis does occur in rabbits. Arthritis is the medical term used to describe inflamed joints or swelling in joints. There are a couple of types of arthritis that rabbits can develop.

Upper Respiratory Problems in Rabbits

T-Rex had lung cancer, the first sign was raising his head to breath Upper Respiratory Problems in Rabbits Signs • Watery eyes • Runny nose • Sneezing • Whistling sound while trying to chew • Labored breathing • Raising the chin up high when breathin

Zooh Corner rabbits must vacate shelter

Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit rabbit rescue organization, has operated out of the San Gabriel (California) Valley Humane Society shelter since 2003. A few weeks ago they were notified that they - and the homeless rabbits in their ca

Can cats and rabbits get along?

Why can't we be friends? February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, which can lead to cat owners wondering if they could safely introduce a rabbit into their cat-centric home. According to the House Rabbit Society (HRS), the answer is yes, as long as

Why do some rabbits have blue eyes?

Oreo, a Vienna marked rabbit View all 3 photos It's not contact lenses. Really. Genetic cutenessHumane Society of Greater Dayton I remember the day I fell in love with rabbits. I was at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton on a work-related task for

Rabbits in this stifling heat

This is Rosie! She's a bunny that enjoys relaxing in the shade on the couch during the summer! Okay so this summer is obviously HOT! And we’re thankfully able to get out of it through pools and air conditioned houses, but what about the rabbits and o

Respiratory infections in rabbits

Nebulizer treatments can loosen mucus and open airways so bunny breathes easier View all 5 photos Upper respiratory infections Two peas in a pod!Humane Society of Greater Dayton The upper respiratory tract includes the sinuses and other parts of the

Pawbreakers toy for cats or rabbits

Extremely cute cat being entertained by a Pawbreakers toy Here’s an interesting new cat or rabbit toy: Pawbreakers is a solid ball of organic catnip held together with a small amount of natural, 100% purified beeswax. The toy will stay intact for lon