The chinchilla basics

Chinchilla enthusiast shares how he clicker-trained his chin, Baron. What is a Chinchilla? Baby Fable, ChinchillaBethAnn Mayberry They look a little like a rabbit with smaller ears and a bushy tail and have velvety soft fur. Unlike rabbits, which are

Meet the Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier History Lakeland Terriers are one of the oldest terriers dating from the 1700’s. This breed is a descendant of the old English Black and Tan Fell Terriers. This terrier takes its name from its home of origin, which is the Lake Distri

Why are sphinx cats hairless

Where is your hair? The original domestic Sphynx kitten was born in 1966 in Ontario, Canada and the lack of fur domino effects from a genetic mutation. Cautious, discriminating breeding methods have brought out the healthier traits of Sphynx cats whi

Problèmes de peau Pit Bull

Races pit-bulls sont sujettes à des problèmes de peau qui ne sont pas aussi commun dans d'autres chiens, y compris des éruptions cutanées, urticaire et les coups de soleil. Ces conditions peuvent causer des égratignures problèmes allant de l'irritati

Faits sur le poisson Betta Crowntail Homme

Poisson Betta Crowntail, aussi connu comme combattant, sont un choix populaire pour les propriétaires de poissons. Ils viennent dans une grande variété de couleurs et de motifs, et sont très robustes en termes d'adaptation à l'aquarium. Le betta crow

Pitbull mix puppies in dire need of homes

I am a boy! View all 8 photos Several weeks ago, we picked up a stray pitbull that was running around a busy highway. She turned out to be pregnant and delivered nine beautiful puppies, mostly boys, a bit over seven weeks ago. Scooter Needhome has hi

Can cat color determine a cat's personality?

Are cat personalities linkes to their coloring? Only in your imagination says researchers. Did you ever wonder what was behind the stereotype of black cats being evil or unlucky now that we have passed the Halloween season? Is there a reason why blac