Last of Spindletop raid dogs need rescue

Refugees at Montgomery County Animal Shelter Conroe, TX: July 17 yielded one of the biggest dog raids in United States history. Montgomery County was not equipped to take on a seizure of this magnitude. Montgomery County with the help of the Humane S

Pets 101: Who gets heartworm?

Dogs, cats and ferrets can all get heartworms so check with your vet about keeping your pets protected. Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) is a nasty, potentially fatal roundworm infection, now been found in all 50 U.S. states. Because the larval parasi

Detecting pain in your pets

Some pets will roll if in pain. While NSAIDs are wonderful for helping your pet who is in pain, how do you know if you pet is suffering from any pain to begin with? That is an important distinction to make since the economic climate here in upstate N

Pet Paradise ouvre emplacement Phoenix

Animaux amoureux Pet Paradise Pet Paradise, un opérateur d'embarquement pour animaux de compagnie et garderie haut de gamme, devrait ouvrir son premier resort de compagnie Arizona. Cet ancien emplacement Pete & Mac sera 18ème emplacement de Pet P

Flying is not a pet's best friend

Flying is not a pet's best friend Pet safety on airlines is becoming an increasing worry for owners. Since 2005, over 354 pets including dogs, cats, chinchillas, a rabbit and a rat have died while flying. The most recent death of a pug flying home on

Keep pets safe in cold weather (Video)

San Antonio, TX -- San Antonio Living Show - Entertainment Stories - Spring is many weeks. More snow is still coming along with cold air. Keeping pets healthy in cold weather takes a bit on work but mostly common sense. Even animals with thick fur ne