Cocker Spaniel health and medical issues

Lip and gum area of dogs mouth are areas where lip fold pyoderma can be seen. When grooming dog, shaving around lips and gum line helps keep area cleaner View all 3 photos When adopting a Cocker Spaniel it’s like adding a lot of joy to your life, the

The Cocker Spaniel designer dog

Image of a purebred Cocker Spaniel dog standing beside a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix dog laying down View all 2 photos The ever changing fashions of society with designer jeans, designer haircuts and designer jewelry, you name it. Styles are co

Will and Kate's Cocker Spaniel is no wolf

A Cocker Spaniel doesn't have to have a fancy pedigree like Will and Kate's to be a loving family pet A new addition to the four-legged royal family was announced last month, but the name of the black Cocker Spaniel was kept mum until a recent commen

My heart belongs to a Cocker Spaniel

Kate Duchess of Cambridge visits with children at Rose Hills Primary School Rumors as of lately have been spreading about the recently married Royal couple charming Prince William and beautiful wife Kathrine Duchess of Cambridge. That they are exspec