Lions Face Extinction in West Africa

Fewer than 250 adults may be left in West Africa, and those big cats are confined to less than 1 percent of their historic range. Thinkstock Thinkstock 2 of 3 Thinkstock 3 of 3 The new study, detailed in the journal PLOS ONE, suggests that without dr

PreveNile West Nile Virus vaccine recalled There has been an urgent recall of the PreveNile brand of West Nile Virus vaccine by Intervet Schering-Plough. They have not indicated the type or frequency of adverse reactions to the vaccine. The recall is voluntar

PA Man vs. West African Gaboon Viper

Adult West African Gaboon vipers have fangs nearly two inches long. An intoxicated man in Chambersburg, PA decided it was a “great idea” to reach down in a top-loading aquarium of his West African Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica) on Thursday, August 12t