Healthy weight kibble by Instinct

Don't you want your cat to be healthy? Beginning today, Monday, September 16th, on the Instinct Facebook page, fans are invited to register for a sample of the new Healthy Weight Kibble. Whether you have a feline or a canine, you can participate. Man

New items for cats at Valley PetSmart stores!

emery cat board View all 4 photos Here you are - you have just gotten a cat from a local shelter, and you are scratching your head about the absolute necessities. Pet stores can be overwhelming to new pet parents, and there are so very many things to

Hot holiday toys for your top dog

Toy contain patent-pending squeakers that keep squeaking, even after being punctured View all 5 photos According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), a not-for-profit trade association, American’s spent more than $48.35 billion in 2010 on

Top five questions to ask your vet

This video How do I find a good vet for my cat? is from the series How To Find A Good Vet For Your Cat Find out the top five questions to ask your vet on all cats first visit. Learn the top five questions to ask your vet- you'll soon be insuring you

What is your cat's personality?

TIGER IS A ROCKSTAR! This rambunctious cat walks on the wild side. Find him rockin' and roaring around the house with you. He's loud, crazy and fun - and he owns the room! Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food is curious to find out what type of persona

Habitudes d'un chat tigré

Chats rayés sont considérés tabby ou le tigre chats. Les trois modèles incluent tabby classique, le maquereau et le tic tac, également connu sous le nom d'Abyssinie. Classique compose de tourbillonnantes, motifs audacieux qui ressemblent beaucoup gât

Adoptable pet profile: Homer

Homer can't resist a good cat tree! With that sleek coat and those striking eyes, Homer is one handsome hunk of man meat! One of my absolute favorite kitties available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA, Homer is a friendly, talkative boy who loves