Missouri Exotic Pet Laws

A bear at the zoo. Every state has different requirements when it comes to keeping exotic pets. While many exotic pets are sold in stores (parrots, chinchillas, komodo dragons) one may wonder what it requires to obtain and care for extreme exotic com

Exotic Pets: Best Vet and Best Pet Shop

Short-tailed opossum Loki was originally from Parrots of the World. Owning an exotic animal can be very fun, but a proper vet and pet store are a must. View all 4 photos Before I owned my Chihuahua Eli, I had rodents, and lots of them, mostly rescues

Exotic pets and the danger of fireworks

Petfinder's 8 tips on firework safety for pets For humans, fireworks are a fun way to celebrate, but our 4-legged family members may not feel the same. Summer celebrations can be frightening and even dangerous to pets. Though Independance Day is now

Omaha pet laws part 3

Getting Scanned There are leash laws in Omaha City Limits for dogs; there is not one for cats. Dogs and cats who are not microchipped must wear a collar and tags at all times. If your pet is microchipped then they do not have to wear their licensing

Keep exotic pets safe this summer

Here is the bearded dragon, Spike, who was reunited with his owner. Every summer, local Baltimore rescues receive calls from people who find stray exotic animals. On Sunday, Charm City Reptile Rescue received such a call. The person called and said t

Avoiding Back-to-School blues for exotic pets

Sugar Gliders get ready for school by reading Celeste and the Giant Hamster Some of Utah's schools are year-round, but traditional schools are getting ready for the end of summer and a return to classes. You know what that means for your kids, but wh

Exotic pixel pets available in many MMORPGs

pets and petlings in Pet Society Not everyone can have an exotic pet, whether because of age or expense or even legality. However, there are plenty of ways to have a virtual exotic pet in one of many MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role-playin