Missy, the Maltese-Poodle mix

Missy Need to spread the word as far and widely as possible with no time. Missy was adopted from Forte Animal Rescue (FAR) three years ago. FAR just received a call that her adopter had a heart attack and suddenly passed away yesterday. He was ill, b

Poodle in Danger of Starvation if not Found

Harrison has no teeth and cannot eat most things, so it is vital that he be found soon. Harrison, an 11-year-old miniature poodle went missing in Oshawa, Ontario (east of Toronto) on June 5, 2011 when he escaped through an open door at Taunton and Ma

Zookeeper in Sweden dies during wolf attack

Wolf kept at Sweeden zoo View all 8 photos A zookeeper in Sweden’s largest zoo dies from a wolf attack within the wolf enclosure. After fellow workers failed to reach the worker by radio, they were prompted to check on her wellbeing. The Aftonbladet

Miley Cyrus loses dog in coyote attack

Floyd, Miley's dog, was apparently killed in a coyote attack earlier this week Floyd, the Alaskan Klee Kai who belonged to Miley Cyrus, died as a result of an attack by a coyote, according to a report published this afternoon on PerezHilton.com. This

Inside »Chiens Soldier» de Maria Goodavage

Jared Dort Lorsque l'équipe de Navy Seal perquisitionné le composé d'Oussama ben Laden, un malinois nommé Caire se ferme par leur côté. Chaque jour, d'innombrables chiens de soldats modernes consacrent leur vie aux efforts militaires de notre pays. I

Miranda Lambert chantonne pour une cause

Musique country amoureux et Grammy Miranda Lambert utilise ses talents pour faire du bien. Selon CMT, Lambert organise son cinquième cause annuel pour l'événement Paws cette année. Le concert de charité aura lieu à Beaumont, Texas, le 22 Juin, avec L

How to Know When A Dog Is About to Attack

Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images Dog attacks appear to happen suddenly, striking at vulnerable moments. Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell disagrees. According to the Wall Street Journal, through her extensive work with canines, Stilwell believes many of the 5