Meet Tiger the Amazing Chimera Dog

Silverland Labs Are you seeing spots? Don't worry; your vision is fine. You're just looking at Tiger, a chimera Labrador Retriever. This gorgeous dog caught our eyes after we reported about another chimera dog named Bull. Tiger's owner and head of Sl

White Tiger Kills Youth at New Delhi Zoo

NEW DELHI - A white tiger on Tuesday attacked and killed a youth who apparently jumped into its enclosure at a zoo in the Indian capital. Credit: Getty Editorial Witnesses said the tiger grabbed the young man by the neck as horrified onlookers at the

The Dog Park at Sequoyah Hills

View all 7 photos One of my favorite places to visit with my canine companions is the dog park at Sequoyah Hills. The park is located on Cherokee Boulevard in one of the oldest subdivisions in Knoxville, off Kingston Pike in Bearden. While leash laws

Halloween Masquerade Part-Ta Beverly Hills

Halloween Kitty Wondering what to do for Halloween, Want to get all dressed up, but no where to go? Well here is a great option, where you can dress up, meet new people and have a ball ! Held at a Private Beverly Hills Estate Theme: Masquerade/Hallow