Adopt Gus, the Jack Russell Terrier mix

Gus Take a moment and imagine what it’s like to sit at home watching the latest episode of your favorite comedy, or quiver under the covers while watching a scary movie without someone to enjoy the comedic actions, or protect you from the bloodcurdli

Dalmatian-Jack Russell mix

Meet Max! Meet Max! Max is just a bouncing ball of energy. This little boy is very playful, active, and would love nothing but loving people to keep him entertained. Max is about 2 years old and a Jack Russell Terrier mix. He has Dalmation-like spots

A Jack Russell Terrier working in cat rescue

Whisky accompanies Shelter Me, Inc. on all the group's barn cat deliveries. Here, he is trying to get a whiff of the new barn cat's blankets. View all 20 photos This is a photo essay about a dog named Whisky, who assists Shelter Me, Inc. in the cat r

An update on a senior Jack Russel Terrier

RIP Earlier this year, a senior Jack Russell Terrier was saved from the gas chamber and taken to the Humane Society and Animal Rescue of Muskegon County. His story, describing his journey, was published and soon after he was adopted into a wonderful