Cat Litter Myths Debunked

Getty Images Most pet owners will admit that while their cat companions are wonderful, intelligent and talented, they can sometimes be a little confusing. And by a little, we mean a lot. Thankfully, there are experts who can help us better understand

The Wonders of Lineolated Parakeets

Keir, a turquoise lineolated parakeet, with ladder, jingle ball, and breakfast in the background. Lineolated Parakeets, or linnies, are hidden gems of the bird world. They are fun, clever parrots that come in a fun-sized package. At six and a half in

Get pet organized for a new year

Rita Joseph, owner of French Bulldogs Patricia (left) and Lily (right) needs to hire a professional to organize their pet gear. As a New Year's resolution, most people pledge to lose weight at this time of the year. Rita Joseph, a petite brunette, ha

Pit bulls in military foster care

Axel and Gabyy with their foster mom Cheryl When called on to serve their country, soldiers must make major sacrifices and arrangements before being deployed. One of the hardest things can be leaving loved ones, including companion animals, behind. U

Basics of pet ownership

All animals need basics for living. Snakes, cats, birds, fish, all can be pets and the basics apply to each. The type of pet, what are its needs, where to buy it, the first thing to do once you have brought it home are the basics to consider. It is i

Disaster events and your pet (Video)

(5/3/10) - Some Pennington Bend homes were submerged in 4 feet of water after the flood, trapping residents and pets. While hurricanes are not a threat to the Milwaukee area, residents know that blizzards and flooding are not uncommon situations. The