Meet Tiger the Amazing Chimera Dog

Silverland Labs Are you seeing spots? Don't worry; your vision is fine. You're just looking at Tiger, a chimera Labrador Retriever. This gorgeous dog caught our eyes after we reported about another chimera dog named Bull. Tiger's owner and head of Sl

Yet Another Baby and Puppies Photo Goes Viral

Didn't get enough sweetness with yesterday's boy and puppy nap pic? Well, you're in luck! The World Wide Web of adorable things has given us another precious gift. This simple and sweet photo of a baby snoozing with three French Bulldog pups is a hit

Sneak Peek: 'Newborn Puppies' by Traer Scott

Chronicle Books Many dog owners miss the opportunity to see their pets during the first few days of their lives. From one to 21 days old, puppies experience significant changes, such as opening their eyes for the first time and stretching their tiny

Puppies need foster parents

Puppies at Greenhill need Foster parenting. Eugene, Oregon's great Greenhill Humane Society seeks some special care for puppies. There probably is not a more important job than to nurture puppies as a foster parent, out of the confines of the Greenhi

Abandoned puppies found in bag in Middletown

The puppies which were rescued and taken to Animal Friends in Hamilton. Animal rescuers in Middletown, Ohio are looking for the person who left a duffel bag full of puppies in an alleyway there this week. Five German-Shepherd mix pups, around the age

Puppies in need of foster homes

Zoey is a blue heeler mix in desperate need of a foster home. The DFW Pup Patrol needs your help. As an all-volunteer organization, the DFW Pup Patrol relies on foster families to care for our four-legged friends until they find their forever homes.

Don't throw your puppies on the highway!

Who could resist this beautiful foxy face? My title's command responds to a news report heard on the radio as I traveled my western DuPage/eastern Kane County round of errands and chores this past week. Apparently, someone threw a puppy out the windo