Meet Tiger the Amazing Chimera Dog

Silverland Labs Are you seeing spots? Don't worry; your vision is fine. You're just looking at Tiger, a chimera Labrador Retriever. This gorgeous dog caught our eyes after we reported about another chimera dog named Bull. Tiger's owner and head of Sl

Chien napper arrêté dans l'Ohio

Mini-Yorkies à vendre Elyria, OH - Conseils conduit la police à la maison du comté de Lorain de Matthew Miller où ils ont découvert un Yorkshire Terrier qui avait été gratté chiot d'une animalerie, vendredi dernier. Le Yorkie a été arraché du Best In

Lawsuit filed to show dogs have souls

The 2011 HSUS investigation into puppy mills supplying NY pet stores New York, NY: A woman in New York City has filed a lawsuit for pain and suffering on behalf of her dog, seeking to set a precedent that dogs are living beings with souls and not mer

Puppyfind is a buyer beware website

Buying a puppy anywhere requires some research and patience. Rating: Star2 Star Star Star Star Our youngest collie will be three years old in June and while he isn't going to win ribbons in the conformation ring, he certainly would be a

May 6th – 12th is puppy mill action week

Be a part of Puppy Mill Action Week Puppy Mill Action Week is a yearly event organized by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The annual event is held the week before Mother’s Day aiming to inform and educate the public about the lives of

So you want to buy a puppy?

Internet commerce has made puppy milling a billion-dollar industry, providing poorly-bred puppies direct to the consumer from a filthy, deregulated, worldwide web of mills. Today, like every other day in the United States, 10,000 healthy dogs and cat

Teacup Pups could be up to no good, again

Here's a video of Lizzy, a puppy mill dog walking on grass for the first time after living in a small cage for 12 years. Lizzy was rescued in March 2013 and adopted by a loving home, thanks to the amazing folks at National Mill Dog Rescue. According.