Houston cop steps up to save a pit bull

White pittie at BARC Houston, Texas: Rescues are full and begging to save the victim of a Houston cruelty case. This lovely white female pit bull is scheduled to be put to sleep today while advocates are scrambling to save her. She is thought to be a

Entretien avec les Houston Animal Cops

Charles Jantzen de la SPCA de Houston. Photo: © Bobbi Leder Si vous avez déjà vu le Animal Planet montrer Houston Animal Cops, alors vous savez à quel point la SPCA de Houston fonctionne. Le montant de la cruauté et de négligence envers les animaux d

Houston Animal Cops interview part 2

Charles Jantzen from the Houston SPCA. Photo: © Bobbi Leder Which Areas of Houston Does the SPCA Cover? The Houston SPCA has the immense task of covering over 8,000 square miles in the greater Houston area, although the city center is an area that re

Can Houston be a No Kill community?

Chastidy, a yellow lab from a backyard breeder Melissa Najera There are between 6 and 8 million cats and dogs being put in U.S. shelters every year. Since this is obviously far too many to find homes for, about 4 million of these animals will be put